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Lyrical Dance Classes for kids & young adults

Learn to dance, DANCE MOMS Style. With Dance AMADs Lyrical Dance Classes for kids. Lyrical dance is quite new on the dance scene and perhaps made famous by the TV reality show Dance MOMS. Similar to ballet Lyrical Dance is very expressive. Combining the technical elements of classical ballet with the more expressive elements of contemporary and modern dance, lyrical dance also takes some of its style from Jazz.

Dance AMAD run Lyrical Dance Classes for kids in Raheny and also Lyrical Dance Classes for kids in Balbriggan. Lyrical dance has become very popular with children and young adults, with competitions held exclusively for Lyrical Dance this genre is growing in popularity at a strong pace. This style of dance is emotional and suits passionate dancers who want to combine technique with musicality. Lyrical Dance is highly choreographed and almost always to an emotional song.  This solid ballet- based dance is fantastic for kids working on their flexibility, and their core strength with some challenging movements, Lyrical Dance has more floor work than other types of dance. Lyrical dancers learn to interpret the music, learn to listen to the lyrics and music and build their dance around the emotions that arise.

Dance AMAD runs Lyrical dance classes for kids in 3 locations. See Lyrical Dance classes for kids in Raheny or Lyrical Dance Classes for kids in Balbriggan.

Dance AMAD School Of Dance compete in Lyrical Dance competitions. So far the girls have done amazing with so many winners and finalists. Dance AMADs Lyrical Teams have also won lots of 1st places.

Dance AMAD is delighted to have some Lyrical Dance All Ireland Winners among their fantastic array of dancers.
Junior u12 All Ireland Champion Ellie Mulhal Walsh and the Senior All Ireland Champion Hannah Dalton.

Dance AMAD offers lyrical dance classes on a Saturday in Raheny and also offer private one on one lyrical dance classes in the Dance AMAD studio.

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